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Today’s post comes from Miya – the brilliant mind behind Design Indulgences, an interior design and small event stylist based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Miya Gee, Design Indulgences, www.designindulgences.com

Miya: Art has always been a passion of mine. I grew up drawing and was known for my art skills ever since grade school. In high school everyone knew me as, “the girl who could draw”, and I often carried paper with me to lunch and drew while hanging with my friends. People thought I wanted to do fashion design because of the fashion illustrations I drew. But instead I followed the entrepreneurial trail to starting my own interior design firm.

Say it with color! www.designindulgences.com

As an interior designer, I understand how personal buying art is in the design process. It’s said to be almost one of the most difficult decisions. It’s completely subjective to one’s own style and taste.

Abstract art can mix two unlikely colors. www.designindulgences.com

Art can evoke a myriad of emotions and is one of the mediums that is completely open to interpretation – which is what makes it so personal, and versatile. For me, I love to see installations in three dimensional formats, but that’s not always realistic for the home. That’s where I gravitate more to colors and hues and how they marry together in a home. Abstract art does it best – pulling out the pop of color you were hoping for in space, while remaining true to the rooms style and integrity.

Here are a few of my favorite abstract paintings on Zatista, and some of my insider-interior-decorating tips to hanging original artwork in your home:

Moira, by Elizabeth Chapman, www.zatista.com

Zephyr, by Elizabeth Chapman, www.zatista.com

Full Throttle, by Michel Keck, www.zatista.com

Open Paths, by Kevin Brewerton, www.zatista.com

A trick for hanging gallery walls is to use butcher paper or newspaper to create templates of the frames. That way, you can simply tape them to the wall and rearrange them to see how you like them versus nailing, hanging disliking and starting over leaving holes everywhere.

Hanging Art with Paper, www.pinterest.com via www.marthastewart.com

Invest in a power drill. Unless you enjoy the arm workouts hammering causes, drilling is much faster and efficient. Plus, you’re able to use anchors when dry wall and nails aren’t enough.

The best tip I’ve ever come across was someone who used a post-it note to capture the dust from drilling in a dry wall. They simply folded the note to form a ledge and placed it directly under the area where the drilling will occur. Genius!

Use painter’s tape on the back of pictures between the hooks. Then remove the tape and place on the wall. You’ll now know where to place your nails. See this tutorial here.

Remember, unless you’re doing a gallery wall, pictures should be hung eye level or around 60 to 65 inches from the floor. If the art is in a room where people mostly sit, then hang lower but if in a hallway or foyer you may want to hang higher.

Happy hanging!!


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