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Artists to Watch July 2020 Artists to Watch July 2020
Zatista is home to some of the top emerging and established artists from around the world. Our curated gallery features works from artists from over 40 countries! When you order an original painting or work of art from Zatista, you’re helping us to support working artists.   You won’t want to miss these artists to […]
Supporting Artists and Their Works Supporting Artists and Their Works
Zatista artist Nestor Toro and his work   Artists – they inspire us, they make us feel, they bring us joy. They look at things differently, with a fresh perspective, and invite us to do the same. While art is aesthetically pleasing, it is so much more than that – it shapes our culture, it […]
New Artists on Zatista New Artists on Zatista
We love the spirit of fresh starts and newness in January! In honor of that theme, let us introduce you to a handful of artists who are new to Zatista. We hope you will get to know their work and love them as much as we do. Sit back, relax, and have a good look!
Unfinished But Not Uninteresting Unfinished But Not Uninteresting
Whether by dramatic circumstances, loss of interest, or reasons unknown, some great works of art are never completed. These tiny mysteries force us art fans to wonder about what might have been. Here are some of the most famous unfinished pieces of art ...