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This Is What January Looks Like
January - sometimes cold and grey. Some bursts of springtime to come. Cool colors, linear shadows of tree branches without leaves. Although January skies can be brooding in the Northern Hemisphere, there is beauty to this quiet month as well. A sense of renewal and ...
Modern vs. Contemporary Art Modern vs. Contemporary Art
We all remember synonyms and antonyms from elementary school. But even now as adults, it can be easy to get tripped up. Even in the art world, there can be so much confusing terminology. Take for example, the often confusing terms of modern vs contemporary art ...
Now Is The Time! Now Is The Time!
Yes indeed. Now is the time to shower your loved ones and friends with gifts. We've got all sorts of options and ideas for you in our gallery. If you haven't given original art before, give it a try - especially if you like giant squeals of glee and jumps for joy. Fill a heart with art today!