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5 tips for new art collectors 5 tips for new art collectors
Have you always wanted to buy art, but aren’t sure where to start? At first it might seem like uncertain grounds to navigate, but once you get the hang of it you can definitely be successful. Remember that even established art collectors had to start somewhere, so you can too. Find out 5 tips that […]
Our guide to giving the gift of original art Our guide to giving the gift of original art
Flying High by Trixie Pitts Painting, Oil on Canvas   When it comes to giving gifts to your friends or family, giving the gift of art can seem like a bold move. Done right, art is a personal and sentimental gift fit for any occasion. Your gift to them may be an addition to their […]
Go Big with Oversized Art Go Big with Oversized Art
Looking for new art for your home? Time to think big.   Large and modern art is sure to wow – oversized art will blow your guests away. These works are an excellent solution for decorating a large space. Oversized paintings or artworks can also  easily become the focal point of any room, or the […]
Summer Art Roundup Summer Art Roundup
With summer here, we’re embracing warm weather, longer days and endless fun. Summer is a time for fun, connection and relaxation. When it comes to summer-inspired art, these artists have managed to capture the essence of the season in their paintings – the joy of warmth, through bright colours and captivating imagery.    Check out […]