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To ScARTborough Fair We Go

How do you consider a perfect summer day spent? Is it sitting on the lake? Fishing? Going to the park? Nursing a beer on a sunny downtown patio? There are so many ways to pass the time in the summer months. The proverbial summer bucket list never seems to get shorter – only more interesting and adventurous as time goes by.

My perfect summer day? Happening upon a community fair, an impromptu (and free!) concert in the park, or spending a Saturday at an arts festival. People of the World (or the Zatista World at least): The season for summer art festivals is upon us! Do Do Do Do!!!! (That was the horn announcing its arrival. Very official.)

And so… Here I present to you just some of the art fairs and festivals that you could visit, maybe even make a road trip out of?

Bollywood Dance Moves, Indian Summer Festival 2012, http://indiansummerfestival.ca/category/2012/dance-2012/

Bollywood Dance Moves, Indian Summer Festival 2012, http://indiansummerfestival.ca/category/2012/dance-2012/

Indian Summer Society is a Vancouver based not-for-profit whose mission is to facilitate and grow cultural collaboration and dialogue between Canadian and South Asian communities within Canada. The festival showcases South Asian talent across all mediums – music, dance, literature, film, fine arts, food, even the practice of yoga. This is not your regular festival – its participatory, and intellectual, known as the “Festival of Arts, Ideas & Diversity.” Thinking of going? I suggest stopping by the Hip Hop Yoga Class – Deepak Chopra swears by it!


Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2012, http://www.blogto.com/arts/

Find yourself in downtown Toronto? This year marks the 52nd Outdoor Art Exhibition. Over 200 contemporary fine artists and craftsmen that takes place in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square. TOAE focuses on introducing the masses to emerging Torontonian talent that would not normally be exposed to.


Art Cars, Artscape, www.artscape.org

10,000 Brushes Project, Artscape, www.artscape.org

Artscape is America’s largest free arts festival! Artscape hosts fine artists, fashion designers, craftsmen, sculptors, fine car collectors, photographers, a range of performing artists in dance, theatre, and opera. Entertainment and activities for children and adults, this festival is sure to please everyone!


River to River Festival, http://www.nycgo.com/events/river-to-river-festival11

The annual performing arts festival held in Lower Manhattan includes free music, dance, film, arts, and performance events open to the public. For this year’s festival, artists will be focusing on the theme of Unexpected Spaces. One of this year’s highlights will be an interactive playing event, Come Out and Play After Dark.


  • BURNING MAN – Black Rock Desert, Nevada  Aug 26-Sept 2

Burning Man Installation, www.inc.com

Effigy, Burning Man

A week long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert, it gets its namesake from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on the first Saturday evening. The event is a weeklong experiment in community, art, and expression. A city in the desert, Burning Man brings forth inventive sculpture, installation, performance, costumes and more. Unlike most festivals, to attend Burning Man, you must create for Burning Man. Check out this year’s Burning Man, or maybe plan to attend next years celebrations.


So be sure to check some of these out – whether they are in your area, or you make a mini-vacation out of them. Find other awesome fairs, festivals and markets that we need to know about? Be sure to share them with us!

Festival On, Good People!


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