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Stripes are Forever

Vogue says stripes are forever. Whether that means a nautical-style striped shirt for your summer wardrobe, sporty striped shoes for your feet, striped curtains for your home, or a lovely striped painting for your wall, stripes are like good old friends who can be counted on to stand the test of time.

Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2014

Don’t let another year go by without adding stripes to your collection du jour. You can opt for a classic, bold or whimsical approach to stripes. With a bit of discernment, stripes can be the perfect ‘je ne said quoi’ to your outfit, office, or home.


Whatever you choose, make those stripes work for you and make you happy! Here are some stripey ideas I love:

Blount Design via: fauxology.com

Abstract Plaid #106  by Marie Kazalia on Zatista.com

Abstract Plaid #106 by Marie Kazalia on Zatista.com

Pillows by Danish textile designer Lisbet Friis www.katyelliott.com

24 by Sharis DeJaynes on Zatista.com

Stripes on the dining table image via blog.thegablesantigues.com

Dog Bandana from West Elm

charity by Katrina Berg on Zatista.com

Gym Bag 1 from http://www.reedkrakoff.com/

Prada stripe sunglasses

Navy Umbrella Stripe Men's Classics

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Stripes Stripes
Even though the year is new, there is a pattern we all know that remains timeless - stripes. I love a good stripe! It's a very direct and no-nonsense way to delivery a pattern, and color. Stripes are happy, colorful and classic. They look good anywhere. They come in a variety of forms that suit many tastes ...