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The Art of Impressionism The Art of Impressionism
Impressionism is an art style that was developed by Paris-based artists like Claude Monet and others in the early 1860s.   This 19th century art movement demonstrated a break from tradition in European painting and was first met with outrage. But today, some would say that the Impressionism art movement changed the art world forever.  […]
Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism
Abstract expressionism was born in the 1940s in New York City, and the art style remains adored today by both artists and art collectors. Characterized by expressive, gestural brush strokes, abstract expressionist art pieces are known for their impression of spontaneity and impulse.    The Birth of a Movement After the second world war, a […]
Animation Art Animation Art
In 1908, French artist Émile Cohl created the first animated film using what came to be the 1908 Fantasmagorie, where he drew out every frame by hand. It was through Cohl’s work that the idea of animation spread to the US ...
Unfinished But Not Uninteresting Unfinished But Not Uninteresting
Whether by dramatic circumstances, loss of interest, or reasons unknown, some great works of art are never completed. These tiny mysteries force us art fans to wonder about what might have been. Here are some of the most famous unfinished pieces of art ...