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The Art of Painting with Acrylics The Art of Painting with Acrylics
We sometimes forget the important role that mediums play in art. Acrylic paints, a popular medium, have been used by artists for nearly a hundred years to create captivating works.   This medium is known for its fast-drying properties. Unlike oil paints, acrylics dry quickly and make it easier to paint in layers in one […]
Architecture in Art Architecture in Art
Architecture is an art form in itself – but artists have been exploring and appreciating it through paintings for centuries!   This genre of painting focuses on architecture as the subject in a piece of art and can include indoor or outdoor views of buildings. Architecture paintings can range from the re-imagination of a building […]
Choosing Between Two Works of Art Choosing Between Two Works of Art
So you decided you wanted to own a true original. You did the research to figure out where to buy paintings online. You browsed the best online art galleries and art websites.  Of course, you found hundreds of beautiful, original works of art from talented artists. How could you possibly choose when there are so […]
Oil Painting Oil Painting
There are so many factors that influence a work of art – the medium with which an artist chooses to paint plays an undeniable role in the final product! In this three part series, we’ll be exploring various art mediums and the way they have shaped art as we know it today.  Many artists choose […]