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Sculpture Culture
Sculpture Culture

The Fall Of Icarus by Stefan Nenov Sculpture 19.0 inch (48.3 cm) x 31.0 inch (78.7 cm) $13,764

Have you ever had a room just look…empty? It could be full of furniture and interesting things, but sometimes a room just needs an extra touch, something unique to dazzle and wow. At Zatista, we sell original art, which doesn’t just include paintings. We have shelves upon shelves of swooping watercolors and striking landscapes, but sometimes a room just needs more…dimension.

No. 1.2 by Mark Mazurczyk Sculpture 15.0 inch x 11.0 inch $1,050

Sculpture is an medium that can define a room from all angles. It doesn’t just stay on the wall, it thrusts itself into the room from all points of view and is sure to get people talking. Whether it’s tucked away in a quiet corner or placed on a pedestal with a spotlight for all to see, sculptures are sure to create a buzz.

Anima & Animus in 3D by Stefan Nenov Sculpture 18.0 inch (45.7 cm) x 21.0 inch (53.3 cm) $8,883

Sculpture has fascinated people for a long time. From Michelangelo’s David to an artsy modern cube in the middle of the airport, we love to create and marvel at sculpture, big or small.

I Am To Serve by Marilyn Kuksht Sculpture 18.0 inch x 11.0 inch $3,010

Sculpture is something that is as diverse as it is popular. No matter the material, subject, or even placement, a perfect sculpture can light up a room and give a space a sophisticated and refined feel.

Pavement #1 by Simon Williams Sculpture 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) x 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) $8,967

No matter your personal preferences, your love of art doesn’t have to end with paintings. After you deck out your walls, move on to the rest of your space. You’re artistic flair should be admired from all angles, so step away from the wall and enjoy some sculpture culture!

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