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Splendid Landscapes
Splendid Landscapes

View from the Quiraing by Julia Greenway Painting, Oil on Wood Panel 12.0 inch x 16.0 inch (17.0 inch x 21.0 inch framed) $1,715

For the traditionalist in us, the subject of landscapes might be very appealing. But the painting itself doesn’t need to be traditional. In whatever style you prefer, a view of the land can be tremendously satisfying in its vastness, simplicity or color expression.

Paper Landscape by Marilina Marchica Mixed Media on Canvas 39.4 inch x 39.4 inch $2,800

Landscape art is as old as the hills, pun intended. According to Wikipedia, “The two main traditions spring from  Western painting and Chinese art, going back well over a thousand years in both cases. The recognition of a spiritual element in landscape art is present from its beginnings in East Asian art, drawing on Daoism and other philosophical traditions, but in the West only becomes explicit with Romanticism. Landscape views in art may be entirely imaginary, or copied from reality with varying degrees of accuracy.”

Dawn Awakens by Filomena Booth Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 40.0 inch x 40.0 inch $3,200

If your art collection does not include a strong and stunning example of this genre of art, wait no longer. Now is the time! See our expansive collection of original landscape art today at Zatista.com.

Above Tiburon by John Kilduff Painting, Oil on Canvas 16.0 inch x 54.0 inch $1,675

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