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Karin Lowney-Seed’s “In The Closet” Series

Doing It by Karin Lowney-seed $995.00

Karin Lowney-Seed is a joyous artist and this quality is steadily portrayed in her approachable, colorful artwork. Her pieces illuminate the essence of happiness, bringing warmth to any room.

Aerial View by Karin Lowney-seed $625.00

“In the Closet” is a popular series of Karin’s, and it’s different than you might think. She was inspired through the study of medieval coffin sculptures to create art based on clothing and fabric textiles. She says, “I began with the concept that the clothes that hang in our closet show our personalities, discovering the difference in my personality from season to season through textiles.”

On the Bottom by Karin Lowney-seed $375.00

Karin ‘landscapes’ the images to create abstract views. For instance, in “Aerial View” the colors of the fabrics can be interpreted to resemble the view from an airplane, looking at the ground below.

Mind The Gap by Karin Lowney-seed $1,745.00

The series has taken off in popularity. “Mind the Gap” was featured at Art Expo NY 2015 and was the 3rd runner up in the New York Art Expo Poster Challenge.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly by Karin Lowney-seed $1,950.00

Karin Lowney-Seed’s work is impactful and creative, and this series is sure to instill joy in anyone. Check out more from her “In the Closet” series of original artwork here at Zatista.com today.

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