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Marquam Bridge by Elizabeth Wade

Something about the night romances me. Driving down the highway I am overwhelmed by the consistent streetlights and the line of brake lights in front of me – absolutely mesmerizing. Good thing I’m just the passenger.

Night Empire by Jennifer Childs on Zatista.com

Something about evening creates a magical atmosphere, no matter what part of town you might be in. The big city becomes cosier, and the emptying streets light up to guide you.

Night Vision by Tracy Mewmaw on Zatista.com

What better sight to come home to then a calming, evening scene? Our Zatista artists seem to have mastered this comforting atmosphere, both in their photographs and their paintings.

Hot Summer Night by Katya Belilovsky on Zatista.com

The night we see in these images masks the industrial that we see on our daily commutes, or the construction we pass that has torn up our neighbourhoods. It all goes away at night. It’s wrapped up in a blanket of unknowing and indiscernible. With the night comes the comfort of knowing that tomorrow will be new, a blank canvas. Why not remind ourselves of this urban beauty, and this potential everyday in our homes? What is art’s purpose if not to calm us and remind us of the potential that surrounds us.

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