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For the Love of Art

Thought of a gift or special treat for your Valentine yet? You’ve only got one week left!

Peace by J Coleman Miller on Zatista.com

Here’s a little secret: nothing says ‘I love you’ better than art. Whether it’s art you create or craft, art by another artist, or a visit to a gallery or museum – art is personal enough to be a thoughtful element to weave into your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Love by Simon Fairless on Zatista.com

Avoid those silly, mass produced greeting cards and get original on Valentine’s Day. C’mon, if you love someone, what have you got to lose?

Tango in the Streets by Kenneth Mucke on Zatista.com

Being original with your own art or someone else’s art is always a great idea.

My Old Friend by Inkyung Choi on Zatista.com

The Huffington Post says, “Why not save yourself the disappointment of yet another Hallmark card and take the reins? Here is how to jump in: Think beyond dinner. Sure, dinner is always great, but so is an afternoon or daytime adventure.”

Contact by Katherine Fraser on Zatista.com

The HP continues, “If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, you can easily put it off until the weekend and plan something fun and different. Try a hike and bring a picnic (complete with wine, of course). If the weather is limiting, take a stroll through your favorite museum.”

The Couple by Wlliam London on Zatista.com

This is my best advice, folks! Be ORIGINAL and ARTFUL this Valentine’s Day, and enjoy!


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