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Starry Nights

Nocturne II by Fahd Husain $275

My husband and I are always trying to find fun things to do at home or near home. Our creativity has probably stretched to its limit and we keep coming back to this one: star gazing. When our son has gone to sleep, the clouds have gone away, and the temps are just right, we lay in the yard and watch the stars shoot across the sky.

Galaxy by Eva Hoffmann $2,300

Artwork that captures the beauty of the stars reminds me of going to the planetarium. There’s something about being surrounded by the stars above that can make you feel so very small.

Falling Star by Anne Lively $375

Deep theological conversations happen under the stars. Big talks. Big ideas. Hands are held. Coats are shared. Laughs are had. Wishes are made.

245 Cosmos by Anne B Schwartz $2,900

All Night Afloat by Niki Bradley $50

Bringing starry nights into your home through breathtaking original artwork can release that same magic. It can spark the same conversations and make those same memories. Go to sleep under the stars in the comfort of your own home with one of a kind artwork from Zatista.com.

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