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January 24, 2013 | Posted by | No Comments

White on White

Winter by Doug Sanford on

It’s that snowy time of year when some cities are covered in white. Does this describe your surroundings?

Calm Before the Storm by Doug Hockman on

Regardless of what January looks like outside your window, you have to admit that the calm and simplicity of a white landscape can be stunning.

Block and Snow by Boyan Benev on

An artist’s depiction of a winter can be stunning as well. Consider hanging a white image against a dark wall to make a strong statement.

White City by Andy Mercer on

If images of snow make you shiver, there are plenty of other options which create a similar effect.

ST3 by Erin Galvez on

White with a pop of color is bold and refreshing and draws the eye to the open space.

The Mondays by Jessica Bradley on

Notice how this artist’s use of color and light is warming things up a little.

Flux by Nicholas Bell on

Catch it while you can and embrace winter in your original art collection today. The blanket of white won’t last long. Soon enough, spring will be peeking at you from around the corner.