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How should I price my items?

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We understand that pricing artwork can be difficult. Here are some things to think about when pricing your items:

    • While price is certainly not the only factor in a buyer’s decision to purchase an item, it is one of the more important ones. A buyer is likely to have the choice of artwork from various artists, and these will likely have different prices.
    • Consider how your items are priced relative to similar items on the site.
    • Use your experience in pricing items from sales you have made in your area or at shows or fairs where you have exhibited.
    • Zatista will be bringing both experienced collectors and novice buyers alike to the site. Pricing your work so that it is accessible to both new and existing buyers is important to consider.
    • IMPORTANT: Please note that Zatista requires (and enforces) price parity, meaning that if you list a piece at a certain price on Zatista, you are not permitted to list it for lower elsewhere.
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