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What criteria does Zatista use to review artists?

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We sincerely appreciate artists taking the time to apply to our gallery. Our Art Review Board carefully reviews each and every application we receive, taking many factors into consideration.

Our board examines each application looking for; quality of artwork, strength of artist biography and care taken to create listings/profile, as well as fit with regards to balancing the collection (our goal is to provide a robust selection of the highest quality artwork to prospective buyers across a range of mediums and styles).

Finally, perhaps the most important factor is simply if we are confident we can sell your work. Our team looks at statistics, buyer habits and direct relationships with our buyers, collectors and designers to determine potential demand for your artwork.

Our current acceptance rate is roughly 5%, meaning that we unfortunately have to turn away a large amount of very talented artists. That said, we encourage artists to re-apply if they wish as the balance of our collection as well as demand are often changing.

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