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Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer

Are you a sun lover or a moon dancer? It seems like the sun worshipers get all the attention and the moon lovers are more in the shadows. Regardless, there’s always been a strong alure to the moon in life and in art. Who can resist seeing it’s light reflected in the night sky? Or over the beach? Or keeping company with stars? There are so many stories and mysteries connected to the moon. Science has its evidence and we all have our own dreams about the moon. If the moon is your icon, or if you’re simply drawn to this astronomical body, then join the club and let’s celebrate the moon here on Zatista today!

Full Moon Over Manhattan by Howard Danelowitz Painting, Oil on MDF Panel 28.0 inch x 22.0 inch (28.0 inch x 22.0 inch framed) $4,700

Swimmer in the Night – SCAPE by Sven Duchoudry Painting, Oil on Canvas 18.0 inch x 24.0 inch (22.0 inch x 28.0 inch framed) $4,870

The Moon and Sixpence by Joanne Soroka Mixed Media 45.0 inch (114.3 cm) x 49.0 inch (124.5 cm) $7,138

Cool by Howard Danelowitz Painting, Oil on Canvas 40.0 inch x 30.0 inch $8,000

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