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Inspired By The City Inspired By The City
Sometimes I find that the hustle and bustle of a big, crowded city distracts you from the true beauty of it. The neon signs and stunning architecture of the skyscrapers are just a few of the things to admire. Living in a big city is definitely not for everyone, but the access to arts and culture is something that can and should be admired by all.
Featuring: Surrealism
Surrealist works can be excellent conversation starters. Check out the wide variety of surrealistic paintings we have here on Zatista by searching via our Browse function, and discover artwork that speaks ...
Autumn Inspired
Something I love about fall has to be the leaves changing from green to beautiful golds and reds. Wouldn’t you want those colors to last all year long?
School Friends
It’s back-to-school season! You know what that means, right? It’s a chance for us all to try new things and meet new friends. I know that in the beginning it seems difficult. You might feel as though you’re all alone ...