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Let Art Set The Tone
Let Art Set The Tone

Canoe Lake by Judith Harvey ZOOM SEE IN ROOM thumb image Painting, Oil on Canvas 36.0 inch x 48.0 inch $4,861

Looking to add some calming energy to your space? Whether quiet or distinctly grounding, imagery can certainly contribute to the tone you’re going for. Artwork doesn’t always have to be a splash of color or a big, bold abstract that catches your eye from two rooms away. Look how these amazing original works by Zatista artists speak volumes, ever so subtly!

The Salt Palace by Stephen Mitchell Painting, Acrylic on MDF Panel 37.0 inch (94.0 cm) x 24.0 inch (61.0 cm) $930

“SEVEN SISTERS, NO. 1” by Brooks Anderson Painting, Oil on Canvas 13.0 inch x 21.0 inch $1,100

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