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Art In Bloom
Art In Bloom

Nandina with plastic and tray by Maite Backman Painting, Oil on Wood Panel 39.0 inch x 39.0 inch $2,577

Springtime is all about plants, greenery, flowers and the weather getting warmer. I love walking or driving through town and admiring the flowering trees I haven’t noticed all winter long. Now they’re screaming for attention and frankly, they’re stealing the show! If you’re looking to a new piece of original artwork to your ever-growing collection, consider adding artwork with this Spring inspired subject matter. It’s rejuvenating! And you deserve to feel inspired all year ’round!

Radiating Green by Frank DeSantis Photograph, C-Type 30.0 inch x 20.0 inch $561

Pink Amaryllis by Elizabeth Snelling Painting, Gouache on Paper 13.5 inch x 14.0 inch (13.5 inch x 14.0 inch framed) $500

Plant forms One by Hal Mayforth Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 16.0 inch x 28.0 inch $1,250

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