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Repose by John Barney $725

Zatista is constantly bringing in awesome new art. From fantastical abstract pieces to dramatic black and white photography, there is always something new to be found on Zatista. Here are some of our recently added works:

ORANGE AND GRAY by Wes Wheeler $2,550

“Orange and Gray” by Wes Wheeler is graphic, abstract piece that brings a balance of color and neutrals into your environment. This is for the art lover who prefers non-representational art in a hard-edge style.

Tucson Mountains Sunset #1 by Eric Rosenwald $330

“Tucson Mountains Sunset #1” by Eric Rosenwald is a great example of photography in the moment. In this image Eric catches a glimpse of heaven through his lens with this awe-inspiring sunset!

Giradot #3 by tracy burke $367

Another captivating abstract artwork is “Giradot #3” by Tracy Burke. Let yourself be swept away by this enchanting mix of dark and neutral colors.

Translucent Landscape by Nestor Toro $375

New art is added to the wide selection at Zatista every week. Take a look at what’s new on Zatista.com by clicking ‘Browse Art’ and sorting by ‘Recently Listed’.

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