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Featured Artist: Steven Miller

Lay of the Land by Steven Miller $7,500

Continuing with our series on Featured Zatista artists, Steven Miller is a phenomenal abstract artist living in New York, NY. He has studied the human figure and landscapes, much of which has led him to his style of abstract artwork.

Desert Dream by Steven Miller $7,500

Interestingly, he says that, “I began with producing series of drawings based on different viruses. From these initial studies I painted my first large format oils on wooden doors, exploring and expanding upon the studies that I had done involving photo-electronic images of viruses.”

There It Is by Steven Miller $7,500

Miller’s original artwork with enticing colors and patterns is highly sought after. His work has been featured on “Sex and the City”, “Revenge”, and “Fraiser”.

Softly Now by Steven Miller $7,500

These are just a few pieces from his captivating collection of paintings.

Magic by Steven Miller $7,500

Garden Maze by Steven Miller $7,500

Check out more of Steven Miller’s paintings for sale on Zatista.com!

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  1. Scott
    April 19, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    I am so happy with my Steven W. Miller paintings.
    I own four and love living with them. What I like even more is they have increased in value and continue to do so. Great investment to boot!

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