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Fierce Abstract Inspiration

Play by Heidi Carlsen-Rogers $2,450

Ever look at a room and think it’s just missing something? Sometimes all it needs is a fierce, bold pop of color to liven it up! In this case, my “go-to” is always abstract art.

Spellbound by Hal Mayforth $2,750

Abstract art can pierce a room with its creative gestures. Splashes of color can create a rainbow on a canvas or portray a stunning sunset. A current trend is taking a modern, sleek, white room and adding a few pieces of abstract art to make the room “pop.”

Iridescent volcanic spectra by Nestor Toro $1,640

“Iridescent Volcanic Spectra” is a new and personal favorite. This could be displayed in any room to add immediate warmth and fire with its volcanic inspiration.

Riot by Tracy Mewmaw $215

Abstract-72 by Anyes Galleani $865

Is it a splash of vibrant color that might be missing in a space in your home or place of work? Be bold this winter and liven up your rooms with abstract art from Zatista!

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  1. Judy gilmer
    January 1, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Abstract art adds a little mystery to your home. A well done abstract gives each person viewing the work a different and personal insight.
    Each viewer can have completely different emotive responses or visions looking at the same piece of art. Abstract art can be a lovely catalyst to completing a room with a myriad of decors. Yes, it can fit in with traditional decor and as part of a collection of realistic artwork. My favorite comment I receive from clients is “I don’t like abstract work…but yours just talks to me!”

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