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Are We Alone?

“Baking Soda Stardust” by Erynn Rademacher on Zatista.com

Since the universe is so vast, many people speculate that there is life beyond Earth—and some even believe that these aliens have visited Earth. UFOs or not, the universe—everything it consists of—is beautiful and perplexing, so it’s no surprise that many artists draw inspiration from the idea of space.

“Contemplating Space” by Lisa Bolin on Zatista.com

Some associate the galaxy around Earth with UFOs, whether they are in the form of celestial, angel-like creatures, green martians, or tiny men in spaceships. Some focus on the ethereal beauty of the universe as we know it, complete with its twinkling stars and massive, colorful planets.

“A Break in the Clouds” by Karen Hansen on Zatista.com

Whatever the case may be, these Zatista artists have succeeded in emphasizing the mystery of the universe via painting or photography form. Many depict what they perceive to be the reality of space, stars and all, some create what they suspect is beyond Earth, and some portray a combination of the two.

“Landscape With a Beam of Light” by Michael McJilton on Zatista.com

Feast your eyes on beautiful portraits of twinkling stars and boundless space, paintings of life on mysterious planetary terrain, and everything in-between.

“Galaxy” by Michele Morata on Zatista.com

“Black Moon” by William London on Zatista.com

“Planet” by Charles E. Hellwig on Zatista.com

“A Walk on Mars” by Jacquie Gouveia on Zatista.com

“Moonscape” by Anne B. Schwartz on Zatista.com

“Aliens” by J. Coleman Miller on Zatista.com

“Alien Plant” by Lee Kissinger on Zatista.com



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