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My Pseudo Backyard

Delaware Wave by Robert LeMar on Zatista.com

If you happen to live in an apartment complex — and especially if you happen to live in a concrete jungle — then you are aware of the hardships of backyard deprivation. Though grass may be a pain to mow, shoveling leaves is annoying, picking weeds is tedious, and the snow buildup is unbearable, you are also missing out some on of the great joys of domestic life: gardening, barbecues at home, and not having to drive all the way to the park just to play frisbee or sit on some grass and read.

However, it is possible to compensate for your lack of personal outdoor space. You can create the illusion of a backyard (from inside your home) by purchasing a backyard “view”. Purchase the “backyard artwork” of your choice, and suddenly, you have a lush, miniature meadow just outside your living room (or at least, it’ll appear that way until you leave the room!).

It’s nice to at least pretend you have a backyard as beautiful as the landscapes featured in the Zatista artwork below, especially on these summer days when nothing sounds better than chasing fireflies, roasting smores over the campfire, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the sunset—and all of these activities are one thousand times more enjoyable just outside your own home.

Without further ado, here are some great “backyard views”:

Tropical Beach by Anthony Dunphy on Zatista.com

Well, look at you – nice oceanfront property!

Old Lake Turn; oversized realism painting by KBR by Kaley Rhodes on Zatista.com

What a gorgeous lake – not only is it good for beautiful views, but water sports as well.

Big Sur 1 by Konnie Kim on Zatista.com

Wow, this is intense – a gorgeous meadow, rocky cliff, and ocean views!

Late Summer Field, Maxwell Settlement by Allan O'Marra on Zatista.com

It’s hard not to imagine frolicking in the tall grass.

Hidden Lake Overlook by Gary Spetz on Zatista.com

Interestingly enough, real estate in a location like this would be probably pretty inexpensive, despite the breathtaking views (and it might be located miles from any sort of populated town).

Calm Inlet by Claudia Davis on Zatista.com

The perfect balance of grass, pond, and trees.

Cayo Costa by Gary Spetz on Zatista.com

Ideal Florida real estate—I can almost smell the mangrove trees!

Colorado Rocks by Nancy Romanovsky on Zatista.com

Everyone who has been to Colorado knows that nothing beats the sunset over the cliffs and mountains.

County Donegal by John Pacer on Zatista.com

Lastly, your Classic Backyard: every white picket fence homes’ dream. Nothing but lush, green grass and other houses in the distance.


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