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One Man’s Trash

Art has a funny way of turning the seemingly ugly into a magnificent creation as artists take the world’s deep dark corners and bring them into a beautiful light. The focus of a photograph, the tools in a painting, the materials for a sculpture  – these could all be things that you just passed on the street, but once an artist has created the a lens for viewing, it is all transformed.

Justin Gignac creates cubes of New York’s garbage. He started this idea in 2001 when his co-worker challenged the significance of package design. Gignac sought to take something no one would ever buy and package it in a way which would make it worth a second look. These beautiful bundles of trash flawlessly catch moments in time.

NYC-based artist Justin Gignac, “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. But New York City’s garbage, well, that’s art.”

NYC-based artist Justin Gignac, “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. But New York City’s garbage, well, that’s art.”

Here are a few Zatista artists that have an interesting spin on the world’s materials:

Fishing Crates by Richard Silver on Zatista.com

Richard Silver’s “Fishing Crates” uses vivid colors against the back drop of a white wall. The contrast and repetitiveness of the crates presents a stunning depiction of a simple story. Silver soaks up all the beauty in the collected catches.

Red Gears by Lee Kissinger on Zatista.com

Lee Kissinger takes these metal gears and turns them into art. Items we imagine belong inside grandfather clocks or bike shops are piled here in “Red Gears.” The odd pieces give this photograph texture and presence.

New Orleans - Frenchmen Street Telephone Pole #1 by Keith Dotson on Zatista.com

How many times have you walked by a telephone pole full of flyers and never taken a second look? Keith Dotson gives you a better perspective on the mesmerizing pole. The absent flyers and bent staples in “New Orleans – Frenchmen Street Telephone Pole #1,” reveal a hidden gem.

No. 1.1 by Mark Mazurczyk on Zatista.com

Mark Mazurczyk’s “Found Objects” is just as it sounds. The items give off a collected and loved feeling from their snug home inside a simple frame. On the street, these items are easily dismissed, but composed into this piece they leave a story to be told.

Sometimes clichés are just right. What one man gives away, another takes and transforms into a piece of art to be admired. Keep your eye out for Zatista artists like these utilizing found materials and transforming overlooked objects into gorgeous works of art.


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