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People and Portraits People and Portraits
No Fog Today by Irene Raspollini   Portraiture is one of the oldest art forms. It began nearly 5000 years ago, when the only way to record someone’s appearance was through drawn portraits. Portrait painting was originally common amongst rulers or people from the upper classes. However, over the years portraiture has become more widely […]
Welcoming Winter with Art Welcoming Winter with Art
Winter is setting in. Beyond the cold weather and holiday celebrations, winter is a season of newness, reflection and calming rest. So we couldn’t think of a better way to embrace the cold season than with art inspired by this powerful season. Cool colours, snowy scenes and an icy mood define this roundup of Winter themed art. There’s no need to resist Winter’s frost and snow – you might even find yourself looking forward to flurries!
Art to Boost Your Mood Art to Boost Your Mood
Art is a source of joy and inspiration, and many studies have shown how it can improve our mental well being. (Yes, the joyful power of art is science-backed!) Since the mid-20th century, art therapy has been used to aid those dealing with certain mental health conditions, learning disabilities, or major life stressors. Art has […]
Our guide to giving the gift of original art Our guide to giving the gift of original art
Flying High by Trixie Pitts Painting, Oil on Canvas   When it comes to giving gifts to your friends or family, giving the gift of art can seem like a bold move. Done right, art is a personal and sentimental gift fit for any occasion. Your gift to them may be an addition to their […]