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Pie In Sky Pie In Sky
There's nothing like summer to get your mind thinking about high hopes - pie in the sky hopes. And why not, it's summer - the season of possibilities. In the spirit of helping summer roll along at its merry pace, here are a few inspiring images by some of Zatista's very talented artists. Keep feeding those big goals and reach for the stars!
Abstract Love Abstract Love
They can be bold, reckless and brash - abstracts are like those friends who do daring things in questionable situations. You know the ones. They don't always mind their manners or say the 'right' thing. They jump for joy at any given moment or shout out their feelings when no one else is talking ...
A Little Red, White & Blue A Little Red, White & Blue
In honor of July 4th this week, here's a little peek at some festive artwork by some of our great Zatista artists! No matter where you are, we hope you enjoy this quintessential American summer holiday. Happy 4th!
4 Steps To Collecting Art 4 Steps To Collecting Art
In just a few easy steps you can be well on your way to curating your very own art collection. First, establish your budget which can be per piece or for a group of pieces. Next, identify your artists or sources (hint, hint Zatista!). The key step to collecting art is ...