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Autumn Inspired

The fall season officially begins on September 22nd. There’s so much to appreciate about the fall!

Autumn by the Lake by Cristina Stefan $1,423

Something I love about fall has to be the leaves changing from green to beautiful golds and reds. Wouldn’t you want those colors to last all year long?

Beautiful Autumn Fields by Kajal Zaveri $2,500

If you’re like me and you absolutely adore fall colors, consider finding a painting that will capture those colors forever.

Sangu kaku by David McCrae $350

We have plenty of fall-themed paintings and photographs here on Zatista.com.

Portrait of The Sun by Joel Edwards $1,540

From portraits, to abstract paintings, I’m sure you will be able to find something you’ll love in our friendly on-line gallery.

Let Me Keep You From the Cold by Laura Spring $1,000

You could even start a new collection by purchasing a piece of original artwork whenever the season changes.

Field Pumpkin by Stephanie Berry $325

No matter how you decide to decorate for the fall, I’m sure you can find something to fall in love with here on Zatista.com.

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Fall Color
The subject matter doesn't have to be literal - leaves, trees, acorns or pumpkins. Just shifting our focus to harvest colors in art seems like a doable tiny step from the beachy breezes of summer...