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Go Big with Oversized Art
Go Big with Oversized Art

Looking for new art for your home? Time to think big.


Large and modern art is sure to wow – oversized art will blow your guests away. These works are an excellent solution for decorating a large space. Oversized paintings or artworks can also  easily become the focal point of any room, or the topic of conversation. There are so many reasons to love oversized art!


Why We Love It

Make a Statement

What better way to make a statement than with a giant piece of one of a kind art on your wall? The art we fill our walls with says something about us. Choosing original art for your home is a great way to express yourself and share your personal style and taste.

Create a Focal Point

Big bold art is sure to draw the eye. Oversized art can help to create a focal point in any room. This is a great way to draw attention to a certain section of a space that you really want to highlight.

Start a Conversation

Maybe you’re looking for something light-hearted, like a large pop art piece for your wall. Or maybe you prefer large abstract paintings that are more emotive? Either way, all art tells a story, and there is no better conversation starter than a big beautiful work of art. (Especially when its one of a kind!)

Fill a Blank Space

If you’re wondering how to decorate a large wall, an oversized painting might just be the answer. 

It’s a great solution for decorating a space with large walls or a room with high ceilings.


Our Tips for Choosing Oversized Art

Leave some breathing room

It’s a good idea to consider leaving some space around the art on your wall – you want the artwork to be able to breathe. Having a huge piece of art on a small wall can make your space feel cramped. Consider the size of your wall when choosing your art.

But bigger is better

If you’re looking for one big painting to hang on a wall but you’re not 100% sure what size to get, it’s always better to buy something larger than a smaller piece of art. This is because large, oversized art is better for drawing attention and becoming the focal point of a room. Small art on  a large wall can look like an afterthought.

Browse for ideas

There’s so much art to choose from, from artists around the world – at Zatista, we carry everything from abstract canvas paintings to large impressionist artworks. Take some time to browse and really get to know what you like most! You can use our favourites tool to save the artworks you love and then narrow it down from there.

When in doubt, ask a pro

Our expert curators are here to help if you need it. If you need support in choosing oversized art for your home, you can use our art advisory.


Buy Oversized Art for Your Home

Finding large, modern wall art for your home is easy when you have so much to choose from. Browse Zatista’s collection of oversized art or check out some of our top picks:


Paris by Luc Villard
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas – 78.7 inch x 78.7 inch

Colorful large square abstract painting

A word from the artist:

“My abstract pieces contain themes of hidden faces and invented languages. Street art and ‘Les Shadocks’ (a French animated cartoon created by Jacques Rouxel which aired 1968–1974) have also influenced my compositions. Handling with the same ease pastel, acrylic, scissors, brush, I try to show my own vision of the world, to create my own reality.”


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Shakti by Tiril Benton
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas – 60.0 inch x 108.0 inch

large rectangular landscape abstract painting with red and purple brush strokes

A word from the artist:

“My work is a testament to my understanding and experience of Consciousness, the Divine, God, Source. A mystery. A known mystery. Gnosis. ignited eyes closed, one master the ever present possibility of destruction trusting surrender inviting birth eternal dawn remembering receptive and empty vibrations soar.”


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QUID PRO QUO by Bill Stone
Painting, Oil on Canvas – 60.0 inch x 60.0 inch

 black and white large abstract painting shapes pattern

A word from the artist:

“Trending words in strange times. Thick, vibrant, oils on canvas influenced by the color, movement and texture found in the natural world around us.”


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Theseus and the Minotaur by Derek Overfield
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas – 60.0 inch x 55.0 inch

large black and white abstract figure painting

A word from the artist:

“Revisiting a subject from 2016, this painting portrays the brutal encounter between the hero Theseus and the monstrous Minotaur. Some accounts describe the hero as taking the Minotaur by surprise and slaying him with his bare hands. Like the 2016 piece, I have purposely blurred the distinctions between who is the monster and who is the hero in the scene.”


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Beyond Boarders by Valentin Yordanov
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas – 60.0 inch x 55.0 inch

abstract shape painting with bright colours, blue, yellow, pink, red painting

A word from the artist:

“In the Beyond Boarders the geography itself becomes unsettled. The ground twists awkwardly in time and space, brightly colored shapes, plan drawings, high-impact graphics, each place becomes with the logo ‘non-place’, a triumph of color and shape”


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Philosophy by Juan Jose Garay
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas – 78.7 inch x 78.7 inch

large square abstract painting with various colorful paint splashes

A word from the artist:

“I want to fuse a scene of struggle between the wild feelings that emerge in situations of silence. It is a painting that generates great beauty, due to its large enclosed forms, in such large dimensions.”


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Need some help finding the right art for your home? Learn more about our art advisory services, where you can work one on one with a professional art curator.

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