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Watercolor Wonder
Watercolor Wonder

South Of The Border by David House Painting, Watercolor on Paper 11.0 inch x 12.0 inch $970

What a wonderful watercolor world we live in!

Spirit Tree by Victor Roschkov Painting, Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 26.8 inch x 18.5 inch $1,097

Watercolour paint is a mix of pigment, which can be natural or synthetic, and gum Arabic. Gum Arabic is a natural glue that is created from the sap of the Acacia tree. All of these natural materials are combined to create some of the beautiful watercolor paintings you see today.

Color Field Painting – 2607.050714 by Kris Haas Painting, Watercolor on Paper 24.0 inch x 19.0 inch $1,345

Most watercolors are transparent, although there is a whitish tint to some of them. It creates a colorful ghostly feeling that is both dreamy and haunting, depending on the artist.

Innocence by Helal Uddin Painting, Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 15.0 inch x 22.0 inch $1,530

Watercolor paintings may seem simple, but really they can be very difficult to create. Due to the transparent nature of the paints, they have to be layered to create a vivid and vibrant picture.

Rubber Duckies by Terrece Beesley Painting, Watercolor on Paper 16.0 inch x 20.0 inch $1,665

Watercolors can depict a variety of subjects and is a great genre to collect or to try out if you’re interested in creating your own art. Watercolor is a classic medium! Explore some of our watercolor pieces here and in our gallery on Zatista.com.

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