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Art 101: Watercolor
Art 101: Watercolor

Seasonal Spring and the Rio Grande by Leslie White Watercolor on Paper 30 x 22 $2,500

Watercolor is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolor refers to both the medium and the resulting artwork. The traditional and most common support material to which watercolor paint is applied is paper. Watercolor paints can be used wet or dry.

The Meeting #2 by Francisco Santos Watercolor on Canvas 31 x 26 $1,700

Watercolor isn’t necessarily hard or difficult to master but an artist does have to learn some technique and have enough patience to plan out their painting. Light colors are first and dark colors last. The paper has to dry between each layer of paint there by building up color and detail gradually. Due to the suspension of pigments in water, some colors lighter can be mixed right on the paper. However, some darker colors mixed on paper can look muddy right away.

Fluctuating by Debbie Pacheco Watercolor on Paper 44 x 31 $1,400

If you are looking for a new medium to broaden your art collection. Consider watercolor for a classic and inspiring addition to your home.

Last Century by Vctor Roschkov Watercolor on Paper 18 x 23 $1,055



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