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Bright & Beautiful Pastels

Bingata 2015 by Mineko Yoshida $1,030

While out walking my dog this morning, I came across some gorgeous pastel pink flowers. Their color inspired me to look at the beautiful pastel pieces we have on Zatista. I discovered some pieces that were so bright, they almost had a neon quality to them!

Red Bird #3 by Myron Gilbert $3,220

Others seemed to be inspired by nature, just as I was.

Landscape 17 by Edward Zelinsky $1,135

Many were abstract and used an attractive pastel color palette to draw attention to the piece.

Thinking of Lava 2 by Karen Mortensen $1,200

Others seemed to tell their own stories even if I wasn’t too sure what they meant.

Bay Breeze by Judy Jacobs $1,170

All of the pieces I found were beautiful pastels that bordered on being both delicate and bold. Although the colors might be light, they surely do a great job of capturing my attention! So what pastel pieces can you find here on Zatista? And what themes in nature do they remind you of?

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