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When It’s Hot Outside …

Abstract 7890 by Laura Spring $390

What does your family do for fun when it’s hot outside? What do you do when it’s too hot to swim, (as they say here in the south)?

Lady Winter by Jim Lagasse $292

If you live in a mild climate, you might not ask yourself these questions. But here in the south, and in other parts of the country that have extreme heat, sometimes you just don’t want to go outside!

ILUSIONES # 8 by Jeffrey Davies $2,075

In times like these, a good museum near by will do the trick. A little air conditioning can go a long way, and hopefully you can see some fun art while you’re at it. So, make a goal this summer to branch out to a museum near you that you’ve never visited.

Portrait by Michael McJilton $35

Check it out, see what their exhibitions are, and take the whole family. A cultural field trip is never a bad idea. It’s also a fun activity for a group when visitors are in town.

From The Front Porch To The Bay by John Bowdren $1,325

In the spirit of supporting the arts, we’ve included some great Zatista works here. Meanwhile, get out there and support the arts this summer!

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