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Lazy Summer Weekends
Lazy Summer Weekends

Summer stories. by Igor Shulman Painting, Oil on Canvas 19.6 inch x 47.2 inch $2,600

Although some of us are already back to school, it is still officially summer! Hopefully, on weekends at the very least, kids are still running around in the warm weather and getting their pool or beach time. Are parents still cooking on the grill and enjoying all the ripe fruits and veggies of the season? I know I am. It’s one of my favorite things about summer, besides all the obvious benefits of vacations, easy summer schedules, fireflies, and general feel-good vibes. With officially 6 weeks and 5 days left of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s make the days or the weekends count, for sure. Keep that summer thing going strong!

Maine Summer Cottage by Gayle Fitzpatrick Painting, Oil on Canvas 30.0 inch x 24.0 inch $1,120

For the Love of a Cottonwood by Maryann Brummer Painting, Oil on MDF Panel 24.0 inch x 18.0 inch $1,250

Memories of Summer by Angela Dierks Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) x 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) $1,021

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