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Featured Artist: Naoko Paluszak

Blossom Evolution X by Naoko Paluszak $1,650

A vibrant impressionist artist, Naoko Paluszak creates with a sense of mystery and drama. She is all about creating a new concept combining the abstract and the figures, and the results are stunning. From female figures in elegant gowns to abstract paintings with bright colors, Naoko’s work is certainly captivating and worthy of the limelight.

Red Dress with Orange Shawl by Naoko Paluszak $964

Naoko pursued her goals at the Nihon Designer Institute in Tokyo, Japan before she moved to the United States. She believes that, “Artists are a little like a scientist and a little like a performer; you have to seek out the right formula or invent a new one to make your idea work.”

Exotic Bird with Mango by Naoko Paluszak $1,275

She has absolutely created a realm of art that is uniquely her own. Her work has been sought out by patrons in California, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii.

Woman with Matisse’s Fruits by Naoko Paluszak $4,600

Remembering by Naoko Paluszak $725

Naoko Paluszak is a phenomenal artist who brings a new sense of light and joy to Zatista, which is why she is our featured artist this week. To see more of her work, visit Zatista.com today.

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