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Seasonal Art

Four Seasons by Kruti Shah $300

Did you know there is art for every season? If you want to decorate for the holidays or add a splash of color on your walls to match the weather outside, Zatista has what you’re looking for. This holiday season, why not shop for art that represents your favorite time of year?

avocado and nude bleed by Lela Altman $2,450

Pastels are a beautiful statement of spring. Soft, calm colors are a quiet whisper of new beginnings.

Blue Boat by Anne Lively $245

Vibrant colors are the go-to for summer. Look for pieces like “Blue Boat” by Anne Lively with bright tones of orange and blue, or any other art that displays a fun summer activity.

Fall Colors by Cristina Stefan $2,066.68

For fall, the colors are rich and inviting. Deep reds and warm oranges, with touches of delicate yellows and browns. These colors feel cozy in my home when I decorate in autumn.

April Snow by Richard Szkutnik $340

Winter has shades all its own. In my book, cool tones beckon the warmth of a fire or cup of tea or hot cocoa.

Winter Sun by Susan Ulrich $2,750

Art is in the eye of the beholder, so how you decorate for the season is up to you. Make things fun and change it up at bit with ‘seasonal’ art from Zatista.com!

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