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Painting Orlando With Color

Rainbow deconstruction by Nestor Toro $1,400

Nearly one month after the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, our hearts are still with the people of Orlando. Fifty precious lives were lost to that terrible act of violence. Families lost brothers, sons, fathers, daughters, sisters, mothers. Friends lost their confidants and laughter. Today, we pay tribute to the people of the “City Beautiful.”

Pearl rainbow by Isabelle Beaubien SOLD

The LGBT community is known for their love, happiness and inclusion. This art is meant to pay tribute to that colorful pride.

RAINBOW HEELS by William Dey $395

While 50 lives may no longer walk among us, their memories carry on in the rainbows that follow the storm. Let this colorful, original artwork forever represent the beautiful people that they were.

Maxwell Settlement Rainbow by Allan O’Marra $2,350

Orlando, we stand with you, mourn with you, and hope with you. United, we have #OnePulse. If you would like to donate to the victims of the Orlando shooting, please visit the link below.

Support Victims of Pulse Shooting

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