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Bubble Baths & Bare Bathrooms

In The Morning by John Pacer $725

Many homes have at least a room or two that is neglected or over looked. Some bathrooms have bare walls when they don’t have to. Hanging original artwork with a light, calm feel can add just the right touch to these types of rooms.

Bath Time by Amy Bernays $160

If the rest of your home is plastered with art, then don’t forget about the bathroom! Adding art to the bathroom walls can liven up bathtime for a child or give you a relaxing feeling after a nice hot bath.

Zen by Nicholas Bell $182

Bathing Seagulls by Alicia Boles $625

For instance, art like “Zen” would pair perfectly with a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Autumn Forest by Nicholas Bell $242

What can you add to your bathroom walls? Check out more original art at Zatista.com. Life is short – go ahead and liven up the walls in your home!

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