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Spring Is Here!

Half of the country is still getting blasted with colder temps, but I’m over here basking in the sunshine and seventy-degree weather that has come our way this week! It’s a gentle reminder that spring has arrived.

Pink Blossom on Red by Simon Fairless $775

Spring Waltz by Laura Spring $690

There is so much to love about spring. Picnics in the sunshine, animals coming out from their winter caverns, and quiet afternoon rain showers.

“Spring Tableaux” by Julie Wende $200

Spring by Anne Lively $80

Spring boasts of rebirth as pastel-colored flowers sprout out of the ground, dancing in the warmer weather.

Spring Rain by Stacey Kamp $5,880

Soon It Will Be Spring by judy arsenault $1,133.84

We put away our coats and begin to leave the house again, soaking in every ray of sun, every breeze, and even enjoying the little rain showers. Spring has arrived!

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