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May Day
May Day

Bouquet of flowers in a vase by Cristina Stefan Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 20.0 inch x 16.0 inch $952

May Day, usually celebrated on May 1st. It is an ancient spring festival and a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. Dancing, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities.

The Secret Life of Flowers #7 by Sharon Webb Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 20.0 inch x 20.0 inch $2,500

The earliest known May celebrations appeared with the Floralia, the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, held on April 27th during the Roman Republic era. When I was a kid, we celebrated May Day by dressing in flowered dresses, putting flowers in our hair and dancing the May Pole.

Flower 14 by Helal Uddin Painting, Watercolor on Paper 15.0 inch x 22.0 inch $1,045

Needless to say, May Day still reminds me of flowers. If you’re lucky enough to have perfect spring weather on May 1, even better. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the flowers together. We have plenty of great options here on Zatista.com!

Pink Lilies by Natalia Beccher Painting, Oil on Canvas 22.0 inch (56.0 cm) x 18.1 inch (46.0 cm) $1,043

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