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Music Is Art and Art Is Music

Music is large part of our lives that we probably couldn’t live without. We have our headphones plugged in, and when we don’t, we have a song stuck in our head that makes us tap our feet underneath the desk. Music is one of the most influential commodities in our everyday lives and we typically take it for granted.  It’s interesting that we can say “who is your favorite artist” and “who is your favorite musician” interchangeably. The two go hand in hand, because they’re a craft and are executed completely differently from artist to artist.

Here is a gorgeous photograph, Hanging Violins, by Richard Silver. It is available here for $150.

Hanging Violins by Richard Silver on Zatista.com

The photo below, Keyed, by Tracy Mewmaw, may evoke a lot about music for many people. So many kids begin their musical careers by taking piano lessons and looking at the keys from this exact angle. The photo is available on Zatista.com for $98.

Keyed by Tracy Mewmaw on Zatista.com

For all the country music fans out there, below is a painting of Willie Nelson created by Anthony Dunphy. The painting is available here for $400.

Willy by Anthony Dunphy on Zatista.com

Even in the absence of music, we can still feel the beat and hear the lyrics in our heads. It’s a very powerful feeling to connect to music. So, what better ode to your love of music than to have it represented in your artwork?


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  1. Helen
    March 28, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Thanks for your article. It is interesting that in these days of the internet, how much we take for granted in all of the arts – and how much we take for free!
    I’m a specialist in the art of sound-painting: creating music in direct response to art (visual, theatre, text, dance, film etc)
    I heard about your site from an artist friend whom I recently collaborated with in such a cross-arts project. here it is for free 🙂 http://helendavey.bandcamp.com/track/heart-to-heart
    regards, Helen

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