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Playful Art

Many people enjoy having different types of art in their home or workplace including abstract or serene art. Sometimes, it’s nice to spice things up. Playful art can still be powerful and symbolic, however it helps lighten the mood in a room. Here are a few pieces that’ll brighten the ambience.

Paper Football by Michael Begenyi $3,100 on Zatista.com

This acrylic painting is a beautiful rendition of a game that we’ve all played at least once or twice. It brings us back to a time where our imaginations were wild and our worries were minimal.

Snowmans Hockey Two by Anthony Dunphy $225 on Zatista.com

This painting would be perfect for the winter getaway home. You can’t help but smile when you look at it. What could be better than snowmen coming to life for a little game of pond hockey?

Seven Sailors by Anthony Dunphy $350 on Zatista.com

Another playful piece, also by Anthony Dunphy, shows several sailors, and one little guy, in the men’s room. Not only is the youngster mischievous, but the notes on the walls are fantastic.

These are just a few of the available paintings found on Zatista.com that will lighten the mood of a room or, at the very least, will be colorful conversation starters on your walls!

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