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Double, Double, Toil and… Art?

It’s coming on Halloween, they’re cutting down leaves. A twist on the classic Joni Mitchell song. It’s all hallow’s eve again, and this year, why not take your love of art, and let it inspire it for your family’s inventive costumes? Artists from the baroque era and all the way to the modern era have provided us with perfect inspiration to have cultured and historical getups:

Lichtenstein Inspired costume, http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring recreated:

Girl with the Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer, likes.com

Bansky works are going cheap these days – as are his costumes. An easy spray-paint-yourself project for this halloween:

Bansky's Flower Thrower, kottke.org

My personal favorite, a Magritte impression:

Son of Man, Rene Magritte, blog.smithsonianmag.org

Not only do these costumes rock, they provide a perfect opportunity to educate kids about art. Teach kids the drive and self motivation possessed by Frida Kahlo:

Frida Kahlo, arthistorymom.com

Or Self Portait, Van Gogh:

Vincent Van Gogh, arthistorymom.com

Let your favourite art, artist, or genre inspire your deadly celebrations, and share your creations with us here on WallSpin!


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