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Bringing Art to Your Summer Oasis

As Mother Nature teases us with her hot-cold attitude (at least here in Canada), we can start dreaming about our soon-to-be weekends away, and vacations at the cottage. Perhaps, with that comes the much needed spruce up of this oasis. So why not take a few pointers from the classis American painter, Edward Hopper.

Lighthouse and Buildings, by Edward Hopper, www.arthistoryimages.org

Hopper was known for his depiction of modern life in America, and the alienation and isolation of American society throughout the 1930’s and into the mid-century. Seemingly anti-social, Hopper was also taken with quiet Cape Cod scenery and beach-y landscapes – images of the calm escape we are all counting down the days for.

Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine, By Edward Hopper, www.metmuseum.org

How can you best create a relaxing and restorative second home? Leave the modern and the extraordinary chic at home. We’ve pinned a few inspiring beach designs for your next cottage project.

Boho Beach Decor, www.pinterest.com/pin/20758848254967502/

Beach and Cottage Inspiration, www.pinterest.com/pin/540924605213381054/

Oasis Bedroom, www.pinterest.com/pin/150941024981256989/

Follow in the style of Edward Hopper, and surround yourself with quiet worlds of peace and solitude. Works like this one by David Hoffman, follow the soothing color scheme and the reurn to nature that we all yearn for during those long work weeks – making them perfect to welcome you into the weekend getway.

Holgate, By David Hoffman, www.zatista.com


Personally, I think a place like the cottage is the prime opportunity to bring in those fun, eclectic pieces. This painting by Karin Lowney is just erotic enough to bring a laugh, and still in theme with your weekend in the sand. Play it up. We all have that uncle/grandfather or neighbor whose cottage screams “yardsale”, so take the opportunity to make your own a little more out there.

Copping A Feel, By Karin Lowney, www. zatista.com


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