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A Trip to La Tour Eiffel
Of all the places we've watched him explore, nowhere shuts Tony up like France. For someone who makes his living talking, he always seems awestruck -- almost dumbfounded -- by the place. The countryside! The food! The people! The history! The wine! The conversation! The splendor is too much for him to handle, and I think he's sold us on our next trip...
Photography Roadtrip!
Just fix yourself a cold beverage, hang your new piece on the wall, point the fan in your direction and kick back – the environment will thank you, too. After taking in some barns and lighthouses in the Northeast, it only makes sense to stop off in the Southwest. Green chili salsa and margaritas anyone?
Get Your Kicks on Route 66
The road: a rich and symbolic subject in our nation's creative history. Muse to artists, photographers, song writers, authors, and more, the road never ceases to be alluring visually or metaphorically.