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What’s Special For You?
What’s Special For You?

Summer Approaching by Hugo Pondz Painting, Oil on Canvas 37.0 inch x 37.0 inch $10,940

Believe it or not, almost every single day of the year is some kind of holiday. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, or a much more niche holiday like National Waffle Day, there are more ‘holidays’ than any of us could have ever realized.

Sure, there are all the big holidays that we know about, but on an individual basis, we all have special days that are unique to each of us.

Schinus Molle with direct light by Maite Backman Painting, Oil on Wood Panel 19.0 inch x 19.0 inch $1,060

Think about it: we have birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. You could even make a special calendar just to point out all the special events in your life.

One of the most magical things about original art is that no two paintings are alike. Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or a stunning portrait, they are distinct and different, just like you.

The Secret Chord by Jo Moore Painting, Oil on Canvas 30.0 inch x 30.0 inch $2,400

Whether you’re celebrating a major anniversary or just an extra special day with the one you love, dazzle and wow them with original artwork from Zatista. Through an original work of art from Zatista, you can show them just have unique and individual they are to you.

Whether it’s a special day or any other day of the week, it’s always a great time to surprise someone you know. Give a little gift and spread some love, no matter the time of year!

Sunlit Poppy by Lauren Adams Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 60.0 inch x 60.0 inch $2,760

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