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Animals Make Art
Animals Make Art

Artists – who are they and what do they create? Chances are if I asked you to draw me a picture of an artist, you’d draw me a person, and that used to be correct but not anymore! Now, more and more animals are collaborating with artists to create beautiful art. Let’s explore some of our animal friends and the art they create.

Yellow Tang by Jeongim Yi Painting, Oil on Canvas 22.0 inch x 28.0 inch $5,100

A teenager in Canada has gone viral for the unique way she and her pet rat make art together. With the help of a little non-toxic paint, she and her rodent friend make beautiful pictures with the rat’s paws scuttling through the paint and onto the paper. How’s that for some furry fun?

The Tides They Are Changing by Will Eskridge Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 48.0 inch x 72.0 inch $5,750

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of the elephants! Yes, even one of the biggest animals in the world can create art. In an animal sanctuary in Kenya, trainers have taught some special elephants how to hold a paintbrush in their trunk. Sure, their works are quite abstract, but for a little bit of cash, you could have an elephant original!

Snuggle Up, It’s Going to Get Cold by Will Eskridge Painting, Oil on Wood Panel 48.0 inch x 48.0 inch $5,760

But elephants and rodents aren’t the only ones getting in on this art trend. Some fuzzy little bunnies have been able to create some happy (and hoppy) works as well. In 2014, Bini the rabbit grabbed a brush with his mouth and created an abstract work of art for a live television audience. Now that’s what I call a crowd pleaser!

What up, Dog? by Brian Nash Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 60.0 inch x 60.0 inch $4,900

Where does one find animal art? Some zoos have started making plans to sell animal art. It’s a win-win! You get a beautiful painting made from a creature you love, and zoos make some money that they can use to help more furry friends.

Old Fox on Thin Ice by Allan O’marra Painting, Oil on Canvas 32.0 inch x 48.0 inch (33.0 inch x 49.0 inch framed) $3,549

Although Zatista may stick with human-made art (at least for now), we still do have an amazing collection of original art, just for you. Originating from all over the world, our online art gallery has a piece that’s just perfect for you. Shop today and dazzle the humans in your home, and your pets, too!

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