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Keep Your Eye on the Horizon
Keep Your Eye on the Horizon

If you’ve gotten lost in the weeds lately, maybe it’s time to see things from a wider perspective. Indeed, life can be overwhelming when the workload just won’t stop and the never-ending needs of family life keep asking more and more of us. We’ve got a dose of optimism for you! Breathe deep and lift your eyes to the horizon for a grander view. Even just a short break from the details may help you muster the strength to forge ahead and get through the current challenge. Hang in there – we know you’ve got the strength to do it!

Untitled No. 367 by Jeremy Prim Painting, Oil on Canvas 36.0 inch x 72.0 inch $3,000

Good To See You by Christopher Limbrick Painting, Acrylic on Wood Panel 30.0 inch x 40.0 inch $2,750

Horizon in Blue by Richard Szkutnik Painting, Oil on MDF Panel 16.0 inch x 20.0 inch $864

Sunset Beach Cancun by Victoria Veedell Painting, Oil on Canvas 36.0 inch x 48.0 inch $2,650

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